How to Set Up Port Triggering on Xfinity Router?

Port Triggering is a modern technique meant for Wireless Router and online gaming to improve the online gaming experience. With Port Triggering, you allow your Wi-Fi Network to communicate with a specifically designated server that allows you have to a better gaming experience and control the inbound traffic.

For gaming consoles, port triggering is recommended as gaming consoles requires open communication between your WiFi network and the gaming server. Port Forwarding is also an alternative, but Port Triggering is a much secure technique than Port Forwarding as it does not leave your Wi-Fi Network exposed to random traffic, unlike Port Forwarding, rather it interacts with the specific servers only. The advantage here is that once your session has dropped the port will be closed to any random inbound traffic and this will protect your Wi-Fi network from any potential hacker or data theft.

How to Set Up Port Triggering on Xfinity Router?

Follow this step-by-step guide to learn how to set up port triggering on Xfinity Routers:

  1. Make sure that your PC/Laptop/Mobile is connected to the network. Open a web browser and navigate to or
  2. A login page will be displayed on the screen. You will be asked to enter the login username and password to continue.
  3. Enter the login username and password. (Default username is admin and password is password)
  4. Once logged in, go to Advanced > Port Triggering.
  5. If port triggering is not enabled, then enable it.
  6. Now, click on the ADD PORT TRIGGER button.
  7. Enter the following values in the given fields. (Depending on your console, the values may vary. Consult console manufacturer’s guidelines for assistance or search for these values on the internet.)
    • Service Name: Type a name for the port triggering rule you are creating. (This is just for your identification)
    • Service Type: Set the format for the port, from TCPUDP or TCP/UDP.
    • Trigger Port From/To: Enter the inbound port range value for the port triggering.
    • Target Port From/To: Enter the target port range value for the port triggering.
  8. Once you have added the values, click on Add to complete the Port Triggering process.

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