How to Increase Your Internet Speed?

This is a problem that most of us face, having a slow internet connection. Having a fast internet connection is what everyone wants but not everyone gets it. Some people may be having a fast internet plan but still, they may not be getting the speed that they are paying for because they haven’t optimized their internet speed.

We will be discussing the factors that affect the internet speed and how you can increase your internet speed by optimizing your internet speed.

Perform a Speed Test

Before you begin any further, you need to perform an internet speed test to test your current internet speed. This will tell you whether you are getting the speeds that you’re paying for or is your ISP the main culprit behind a slow internet connection.

When you’re performing a speed test, make sure that all the other applications which may be using the internet are closed and there is nothing being downloaded on the network to get as accurate results as possible.

After the speed test is complete, compare the results to the speed that you’re paying for on your Internet plan. If the speeds are nearly equal to what you’re paying for then your ISP is doing just fine and not throttling your internet connection.

How to Increase Your Internet Speed?

Trying out a new modem/router

One of the reasons why you may be getting poor internet speeds and frequent internet dropouts is because of an outdated router/modem. You may think that your router is fantastic and working fine but in reality, that might not be the case.

Your router might not be compatible with your current internet plan and as a result, you may be getting slow internet speeds and internet dropouts. For instance, older routers are not compatible with ADSL2+ Internet Plan and hence you will be getting poor internet speeds

Scan for Viruses

You also need to make sure that your device is free of viruses/malware. Viruses can slow down your internet by utilizing not your system resources but also your internet network in the background without you having a clue about it. Scan your device with a well-known antivirus program to make sure that your PC is not infected!

Check for filters

If your internet is connected via a phone line that also has a telephone then you will need to make sure that you have good quality filters installed. These filters can make a huge difference as they filter out the disturbances on the line. So, make sure that your phone filters are of good quality.

Router Placement

Another reason why your internet speed might be slow is that your router is not well-placed. The optimal placement for an internet modem or router is to place it at an elevated place, above from the ground level, and place it at a central place so, signals are equally distributed.

Also, avoid placing any other electronic devices or obstacles around the modem/router which may cause interference with the signals and weaken them.

Using Ethernet Connections

To get the fastest internet speeds possible, you should use Ethernet Connections. It is true that WiFi connections provide your comfort and portability and you can use the internet in any room but to get the fastest speeds you should prefer an Ethernet Connection because it is free of all the issues which slow down the WiFi connections and provides the fastest speeds possible on your internet network.

Changing Frequency Band

To get fast WiFi speeds, you can also try changing the frequency bands. By default, all of the Routers and Wireless devices use the 2.4 GHz frequency band which has a higher range but comparatively less speed as compared to the 5 GHz frequency band. If you are having some speeds issues then you can switch over to the 5 GHz frequency band which provides much faster speeds but has less range as compared to the 2.4 GHz frequency band. If the router is close to your device then 5 GHz frequency band would be the best option to get faster speeds.

Using WiFi Range Extender

If you are having weak signals in your room and that is the main reason why you’re having poor internet speeds then the best thing to do is to use a WiFi range extender or WiFi Booster. These are devices that take the signals from your router and re-broadcast it, amplifying its range and signals. These are cheap devices, generally costing less than $50 and with the help of these, you can fix your signals issues.