How To Setup Firewalls on Xfinity Gateway?

Once you have set up your Xfinity Gateway(router/modem), you should improve its security by setting up a firewall for your Xfinity Router/Modem. With a firewall, the security of your router will be enhanced and your router will be protected from all sorts of unwanted connections.

A firewall can be called as a barrier that oversees and controls the data that is shared across your network. It protects your router from unwanted access and blocks access to certain websites and apps that can install unwanted programs on your computer without your consent. It also protects your information from getting stolen by preventing access to any program or website.

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How to Restart Your Xfinity Gateway?

If you are having issues with Wi-Fi Connectivity on your Xfinity Gateway, then most of the common Wi-Fi Connectivity problems can be solved by a simple reboot. Unlike other routes, Xfinity Gateway requires a bit more time and takes about 10 minutes to reboot. During this reboot process, you won’t lose any of the home or Wi-Fi Settings.

Keep in mind that during the reboot process, you won’t be able to use your home network, Xfinity Voice to make or receive any calls including 911 calls from your home phone, Xfinity Home and will not have access to cameras and any connected home automation devices although Security sensors will not be affected and will keep working.

There are several ways of rebooting your Xfinity Gateway, some of these are mentioned below:

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